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Mechanical workshop is one of the best prepared areas of the company along with garage. A mechanical workshop prepared for the best attention and with the most experienced professionals. In this way conventional mechanical workshop is perfectly prepared as an old car mechanic workshop and a classic car restoration workshop.

The  experienced mechanic technicians are always prepared and trained in the latest technologies to respond adequately if something suffers in your vehicle and we have to carry out a repair of your car or if you need any restoration service of luxury car.

Workshops where you can access the best services dedicated to the sale of tires, change and maintenance of tires and repair your car: from city cars to luxury cars. The specialized staff offers a wide and complete range of services to guarantee you always excellent security and performance.

The mechanic shop also deals with  the  routine maintenance and car repairing services that vehicles require periodically in luxury car like BMW car repair , such as pre-ITV checks, oil changes, filters, distribution, air conditioning, tires and alignment loading, brake pads and discs, bearings and other wear parts with use, frequent mechanical workshop operations. Whether as a current car mechanic workshop or as an old car restoration workshop in, we have always been concerned, in addition to excellence in service, about the conditions that a mechanical workshop that boasts.

Thus, mechanical workshop is very spaces and large shared with the garage, dedicated to mechanics, painting, electronics and electricity, upholstery and laundry centre.  Space that allows working with comfort when specially during Mercedes car repairing

They would never allow a customer to take their car to another place because leave something to be desired. The mechanic shop is equipped with everything necessary to deal with the relevant modifications or repairs at the lowest possible cost.


The mechanic workshop offers each customer personalized attention; demonstrating every day that each client counts and making them feel important. Therefore, they avoid bad service, delays, changes of idea, lies regarding the price, and other strategies that are not aimed at professional excellence. Workshop professionals say that it is very important for the client to explain in the workshop what happens to their vehicle. In the mechanical workshop there is also the complementary circumstance, that is, that workshop professionals know how to attend and understand the client’s explanations.

Clean Workshop

Another of the very important aspects in the workshop is cleaning. Most people think of machine shops as dirty places, full of grease, dust and cobwebs. It is true that in the workshops some dirt is produced derived from the professional activity itself, but this does not excuse us in the clean maintenance of the facilities, the appliances, the bathrooms, the pieces and, in short, we maintain adequate hygiene conditions.

A good source of natural light is a great advantage for our mechanics, especially to examine the stains in the cylinder blocks of fluid leaks and other hard-to-see indicators of the underlying failures, as well as in the actions as a restoration workshop.

 A small division or damage to a hose could, if not detected, cause damage to the engine or gearbox. Where the condition of the metal surface is the first indicator of failure of the piece. All these important visual signs require good natural light, both in a conventional mechanical workshop and in an old car restoration workshop. This is how they contemplate it in garage.

Good lighting remains one of the main missing factors in auto repair shops. From the design of their garage, we insist on good natural light in all areas of the workshop.

The nature of mechanical workshop is given by the variety of vehicles that we must put in place, from the American classics, through the current ones, to the newest ones. This means that our versatility is that of an old car mechanic workshop, current car restoration workshop, classic car restoration workshop or the current car workshop.

The service of the Garage mechanical workshop is a management by trust, always aiming to achieve the loyalty of customers through their satisfaction. In short, a set of garage and repair shop with the best services for your vehicle.

And, of course, the last key, one that should not even be mentioned: great team of reliable and competent professionals.


In difficult situations, your car may need to repair the internal combustion engine, and it is very important to go to a professional in your field, since the stable operation of all the mechanics of the car depends on the proper operation of the engine. Engine repair specialists will help to carry out engine repairs of Audi car repair.


The chassis of the car serves to move it along the road, and with a certain level of comfort, without shaking and vibration. Mechanisms and parts of the chassis connect the wheels to the body, dampen its vibrations, perceive and transmit forces acting on the car.


  • frames
  • beam of bridges,
  • front and rear wheel suspension
  • Wheels and tires.

While in the passenger compartment, the driver and passengers experience slow fluctuations with large amplitudes and fast oscillations with small amplitudes. The soft seat upholstery, rubber engine mounts, gearboxes, etc. protect from rapid vibrations. Elastic suspension elements, wheels and tires serve as protection against slow vibrations. Jaguar car repair service also available here.


The more often they operate car, the more closely we should look after its running gear. It is believed that the diagnosis of the chassis of the car should be carried out every 25-30 thousand km. The chassis provides not only the ability to move in space on the car, but also makes this movement safe and comfortable. In addition to the mileage, the grounds for diagnosing the chassis are extraneous knocks and creaks in the car’s suspension, creaking and increased abrasion of rubber. Given the condition of the road surface in our region, the specialists of the repair advise to carry out running diagnostics every time.

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